GREEN PRO - Multi-Purpose Golf Accessory
Clip-on Base:

Fully open ratchet replica watches uk locking mechanism and slip the base over the end of the putter handle.

Squeeze both sides of the ratchet locking mechanism until the base is tightly secured onto the putter handle.

Clip-on Base
Clip-on Base Fits Putter size diagram
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Green Pro hanging from golf bag
Accessory Tools:

Insert the accessory tool into the base.

Holding the base and putter with one hand, using the other hand,
     twist the accessory tool clockwise until it locks.

After use, twist tool anti-clockwise to release and place back on
     carrier for future use.
Accessory Tools - Ball Retriever

Click here to see how to use the ball line marker.
Accessory Tools - Pitchmark Repairer

Click here to see how to repair pitchmarks.

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